How to Remove Sweat Stains Out of Straw Hats

Unlike many other types of hats, straw hats are often worn for more than just decoration, which increases the likelihood of stains. Whether your hat has sweat stains from working in it outside or simply become prey to brow perspiration on a warm summer day, sweat stains can be unattractive and ruin the look of your hat. Try these quick tips for making your straw hat look like new again.

Brush the straw hat with a small whisk broom in small, light motions---being careful not to damage the weave. Flip hat over and lightly brush the interior of the hat.

Dip a clean cloth in warm, sudsy water and wring it out well. Lightly clean around the area of staining or soiling, using small circular motions with the cloth.

Rinse the cloth well with plain water, and wring until it is lightly damp. Return to the area of soiling and remove any soap residue with the damp cloth. Avoid getting the band or the hat too wet, as it may shrink the straw.

Rescue a rain-soaked hat by wiping off the surplus water immediately with a clean dry towel. Sports straw hats with snaps in front should have the brim turned up all around to dry. Turn out the sweat band of a badly soaked hat to dry.

Stand the hat on its band when drying to facilitate air circulation to the hat. Allow to air-dry indoors completely before wearing.

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