How to stop linen from wrinkling

Linen is a type of fabric used to make bedding, tablecloths and garments. Ironing large linen items such as bedspreads or sheets is difficult to do. Ironing boards are not nearly wide enough, and the linen can fall causing a dangerous situation. It is important to wash bedding and other linens at least once a week. You can stop linen from wrinkling without the need of an iron or other steaming solutions.

Wash the linen on the "Permanent Press" cycle in the washer. The cycle uses a mild speed. Therefore, the linen does not undergo a vigorous spin. Do not wash with any other garments. Wash heavy linens alone. Wash light linens with other types of the same style.

Remove the linen from the washer immediately when finished. The material wrinkles quickly when left in a ball.

Hang to dry on a clothesline. During the winter, you can use the garage, but keep the fabric away from dust. In the summer, an outside clothesline works well to dry large garments.

Place the linen material over the line. Spread out equally with both corners touching. Use your hand to remove any creases in the material.

Allow the linen to dry completely. Depending on the temperature, drying will take approximately eight hours. Any moisture left can cause the garment to wrinkle when folding.

Fold the linen. Put away in a dry, cool closet. Otherwise, place the linen immediately on the bed or table.

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