How to Crochet Hats for Cats

Photo by Deborah H.

If you know a few basic crochet stitches, you can make a hat for your cat. This hat features holes for your cat's ears and a tassel at the top. Depending on your cat's tolerance for hats, you could add a ribbon or string to the bottom edge so it can be tied under your cat's chin.

Chain six. Slip stitch into the first chain to form a ring. Chain one. Form the first round by single crocheting into the ring six times. (Six sc).

Single-crochet twice into each of the six single crochet stitches just formed to make the second round. (12 sc). For the next round, alternate making one single crochet stitch and two single crochet stitches into the stitches of the previous round. (18 sc).

Chain six. Skip six spaces and single crochet into the next three single crochets of the previous round. Chain six. Skip six spaces and single crochet into the three remaining single crochets of the round. You have now created the holes for your cat's ears.

Crochet around the next round, making two single crochets in each single crochet of the previous round and 10 single crochets in each chained section for the ear holes (32 sc).

Continue crocheting in rounds of 32 stitches until the sides of the hat measure 2 inches from the bottoms of the ear holes. Slip stitch last stitch to finish off the hat. Clip your yarn and weave in the loose end.

Make a tassel by wrapping yarn around two fingers 20 times. Slip a 6-inch length of yarn through the center of the loops and tie securely. Cut across the top of the loops and sew the tassel to the top of the hat.

Attach two 8-inch lengths of narrow ribbon or yarn to the bottom edges of each side of the hat if you want to tie it under your cat's chin.

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