How to Repair the Pull Cord on a Lawn Mower

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There is nothing like going out to start your lawnmower, and the pull cord breaks in your hand. Lawnmower shops can have a several-day waiting period before you can get your mower fixed. If you don't have a friend who knows how to fix your pull cord, you're left with a mower that won't start. Lawnmower cords are wound around a starter pulley. When you gain access to the pulley, you can fix your lawnmower cord.

Push your broken pull cord through the top of your cord handle. Your cord handle has a hole in the top where your cord is threaded through. A knot is tied in the end of the cord to keep your handle in place.

Remove the pulley cover on the top of your lawnmower. Use a screwdriver or an appropriate size socket to remove it. Unwind the rest of the pull cord off of the pulley. Pay attention to how many times your cord was wound around the pulley, and which way it was wound. Remove the rest of your pull cord

Purchase a new pull cord at your local lawnmower repair shop, or you can purchase a length of braided rope at a home remodelling centre. Measure the broken sections of rope so you get the length that you need, or take both pieces with you.

Wind your starter pulley, turning it against the spring, so the cord hole in the pulley is lined up with the cord hole on the cover. Use a clamp to hold the pulley in place.

Thread your new cord through the starter pulley hole. Tie a knot in the end of the cord closest to the pulley. Wind your cord around the starter pulley the exact number of times, and the same direction, as your old one. Thread the opposite end through your pulley cover.

Place the pulley cover back onto your mower. Your new cord should be threaded through the top. Stretch your cord out so the end reaches approximately 3 inches past the hook that holds your pull cord handle.

Slide the end of your lawnmower pull cord through the handle and tie a knot in the end of the rope that's large enough to keep your handle from sliding off.

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