How to Install a Bidet Toilet

A bidet can be a great way to cleanse yourself in the bathroom with its refreshing jets of water. The installation of the bidet can be a little tricky, but with a few simple adjustments to the toilet and a little bit of elbow grease, you should be able to install it quickly.

Remove the toilet seat. The bidet apparatus must be anchored to the existing toilet because of its weight. Without it the apparatus will be free to move and water could go everywhere. Take the bolts out of the seat and remove it so that the two bolt holes are exposed.

Place the bidet apparatus over the two holes. The bidet will have a bar that has two holes in it that should fit directly over the holes of the toilet seat. Place the bidet over the holes and attach the two bolts that should be furnished with the bidet. The bolts will screw into the holes and have holes at the top to fit the toilet seat back on.

Reinstall the toilet seat. The toilet seat should be easy to reattach so that it sets on the hose that will deliver the water to your posterior. At this point, you should have the seat attached, the bidet apparatus situated to the side of the seat with the hose that will deliver the water placed inside the toilet.

Connect to the water source. If you don't mind cold water, attach a splitter to the area where the water goes into the toilet for flushing. One end will continue to the toilet for flushing and the second will be used to connect to the bidet. If you plan on using the toilet only as a bidet, connect the bidet directly to the main water supply. If you want to add warm water, it must be connected to a warm water supply, which is commonly found by the sink. You may have to run the hose under the floor as it can be a tripping hazard.

Test the bidet. With the bidet apparatus secure and connected to the water supply, make sure it works. If the water flows from the bidet, aim the hose so that it hits the right area. The hose is flexible and you should be able to get the right spot easily.

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