How to Build a Ship With Popsicle Sticks

Popsicle sticks (craft sticks) are a versatile craft material. Popsicle-stick enthusiasts use Popsicle sticks to make everything from log cabins and picture frames to full model ships. Using Popsicle sticks to make a ship can be a relaxing, fun hobby. You can build a Popsicle stick ship with just a little time and only a few materials, even if you've never built a model before.

Soak between 10 and 20 full-size Popsicle sticks in water to soften them. These will form the sides of your ship, so you will want to be able to shape them. Soak the sticks for about half hour to get the desired flexibility.

Bend each of the sticks slightly, forming the curve of your ship's body. Glue the sticks together side to side, with the flat part of each stick facing up. Use five or 10 sticks per side of your ship, depending upon how big you want your ship to be. You will have two sets of five or 10 sticks, glued together and slightly curved.

Allow the two sides to dry thoroughly. By the time the Popsicle sticks are dry, the glue will be dried as well. Hold the two sides together and glue the ends where they meet at the front and back. You'll see the bend in the sticks will create a space where you'll build the deck of your boat.

Cut or break Popsicle sticks to fit the space between the two side panels you made for your ship. Add a little glue to each end of the broken Popsicle sticks and place them down between the two sides to create the deck of your boat.

Glue a Popsicle stick going straight out of the deck, and let it dry. Cut a small square of cloth and attach it to the Popsicle stick for a sail. Add more Popsicle sticks and sails if you want more.

Finish your ship with brown or black acrylic paint. Paint designs on your ship if you want to give it a pattern rather than a solid colour.

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