DIY Dog Kennel Plans

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For people who have dogs, giving them enough space and outdoor time can be a major responsibility. Without a fenced yard, this can be an issue. Build your dog a safe, enclosed space by putting together a dog kennel to make sure they get enough outdoor time.

Find an appropriate place for your kennel. Even though your dog shouldn't spend all its time in the kennel, you should still choose a site that gets both sun and shade and is protected from wind. It's a good idea to put the kennel in a place that is close to the house, so you can supervise the dog and be within hearing distance.

Pour a concrete foundation for your kennel. The foundation should be 8 feet by 13 feet and 4 inches thick. Allow the concrete to dry for an hour, then brush the top of the concrete with a broom to rough it up and give the dog a better gripping surface. Then give the foundation 24 hours of additional drying time.

Buy a prefabricated kennel kit from a pet store or online retailer. A kit will include all necessary pieces, a list of tools to use and a set of directions for putting the kennel together. This will be far less expensive and more precise than buying materials on your own.

Follow the directions that came with your kit to construct it. Start with the back piece. Put it on the back of your foundation, and secure it to one of your side pieces. Use the tools and connecting pieces to secure these pieces at the corner so that they stand on their own. Move on to the other side piece, then the front and finally the roof. Make sure all the connections are tight and secure.

Supply the kennel with food, water, blankets and toys. Consider putting a second doghouse inside the kennel for additional shelter.

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