Homemade Wallpaper Remover

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When you want to change the wallpaper in a room, removing the old wallpaper is one of the most difficult parts of the task. The paste used to put up wallpaper is designed to last, so it doesn't give way easily when you want to take the old paper down. But you can break down the wallpaper adhesive by applying a liquid remover to the walls before removing the paper. A homemade wallpaper remover can be mixed out of a substance you may already have in your home.

Pour 1 to 2 cups of liquid fabric softener into a bowl or a spray bottle. Add an equal amount of water to the liquid fabric softener.

Mix the liquid fabric softener and water. If you make the solution in a bowl, use a spoon or fork to whip the fabric softener and water together thoroughly. If you make the fabric softener solution in a spray bottle, put the lid on the bottle and tilt the bottle back and forth to gently mix the substances.

Apply the liquid fabric softener solution to the walls from which you want to remove the wallpaper. If you have a spray bottle, start at the top of the wall and spray all across the wall. Then move down the wall, covering the entire surface as much as possible. If you have a bowl of solution, wet a sponge with the solution and wipe the walls from top to bottom.

Allow the solution to soak in for a few minutes, but do not let it dry. After five minutes or so, start at a line in the wallpaper, where one piece overlaps the other, and pull. The wallpaper peels from the wall. If you have trouble peeling the wallpaper in one area, spray or wet the area with the fabric softener solution again to re-wet it.

Clean the walls with any cleaning product labelled as an all-purpose, heavy-duty cleaner. Use a sponge to wipe the walls down with the cleaner to remove any adhesive that gets left behind.

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