How to Make a Paper Fence for a Farm

Fence and shadow of fence on snowy ground.. image by LiteWave from

As a learning activity or art project, building a farm gives children an opportunity to learn about barns, animals and fences to keep the animals in. Showing the kids models of fences and discussing how fences work to protect the farm animals, gives kids inspiration to make their own. Paper crafts offer an inexpensive method for kids to make models. With some basic materials, they can make realistic farm scenes. These types of projects are expandable; kids can add buildings and features to the farm and make the craft scene grow.

Draw a section of fence on four pieces of paper to create a farm fence with four equal sides. Make the fence posts 1/2-inch longer than you need for the fence's height. For example, if your farm scene has 4-inch tall cows, draw a 5-inch tall fence to pen them. Use a ruler to make the fence posts and three rails straight. For a classic farm fence, make all the rails and posts the same width, for example, 1/2-inch wide. Make the fence posts 5 1/2 inches long. At the bottom of each fence post, use a ruler to mark a 1/2-inch tab so you will be able to fold the end of the fence post into a tab without making the fence too short. This provides a tab to glue to the farm scene base to help the fence stand up.

Cut out the fence sections. Go slowly with the corners where the fence rails meet the fence posts.

Place the fence sections face down, each touching the next with the fence rails lined up evenly. Apply tape where the fence sections meet to hold the sections together.

Turn the papers back over and use crayons, coloured pens or watercolours to colour the fence. Draw wood grain patterns with darker brown or grey if desired. Allow the paint to dry, if used. After the paint dries, or after adding colour to the first side, colour the back side of the fence if the back will show in the farm scene.

Fold the fence tabs toward the back of the fence. Apply glue to the bottoms of the tabs---the side that will touch the base. Press the tabs down on the base where you want the fence to stand. For example, glue the tabs to the floor of a diorama box or a sheet of cardboard.

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