How Can I Tell If I Am Over Watering or Under Watering My Tomato Plants?

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Growing tomatoes can be rewarding and also easy, but you have to pay close attention to your tomato plants and give them the care they need to survive. You will need to carefully gauge how much water your plants require on a daily basis. You will see noticeable signs of distress if you are over-watering or under-watering your tomato plants.

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Check the moisture of the soil in which your tomato plants are growing. Look at the soil to see if it is dusty or cracking. Feel the soil with your fingers to find out if it is hard. You need to give your plants more water if any of these signs show up. If there is standing water or if the soil is wet when you stick your fingers into it, allow the plants to soak up more of the water before you water again.

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Feel the stems of your tomato plants. If they are limp and mushy, you are over-watering your plants. Also, a yellow discolouration of the stems suggests they have been watered too much. If the stems are brittle or browning, the plants need more water.

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Look at the tomato plant leaves. Similar to the stems, yellowing can be a sign of over-watering and water splashing onto the leaves. If they are brown and brittle, you are not watering enough.

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Check the tomato skin for splitting. If the skin is splitting, this is a sign of too much water at one time. Refrain from watering and allow excess water to soak into the soil. Also check the tomato for blossom end rot, which is located on the bottom of the tomato. This is a sign of uneven watering.

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