How to Connect a Sony Vaio Laptop to TV Using Video Connection

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Sony Vaio laptops are equipped with a round S-video jack for a direct connection to any TV that can accommodate an S-video jack. This enables video playback on a larger TV screen for making presentations, enjoying movies on the Sony's built-in DVD player, or watching multimedia content on the Internet. The connection takes under a minute using a standard S-video cable. A simple keystroke procedure turns off the Vaio screen to activate the video output to the TV.

Turn the plug on one end of the cable so the three notches line up with the contours of the S-video socket on the back of the TV. Push the plug straight in.

Connect the other plug to the Vaio using the socket on the right edge of the laptop. It's the third socket from the right.

Turn on the Vaio and the TV.

Press the "F7" and "Fn" keys on the Vaio at the same time to turn off the built-in LCD screen and activate the S-video connection to transmit video to the TV. Press "F7" again to change back to the Vaio screen.

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