How to Refill My Whiteboard Marker?

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Whiteboard markers that cannot be refilled are one of a teacher's largest plastic contributors to landfills. When teachers use papers, many of these can be recycled; however, most whiteboard markers that run dry land right in a dustbin to be taken to the local landfill. This does not have to be the case though, as some brands of whiteboard markers are created to be refilled rather than disposable. The refillable inks cost less than purchasing new packs of whiteboard markers too, so it is more economical for classroom teachers and professors to order refillable whiteboard markers and ink refills and then follow the simple process of refilling them.

Unscrew the marker either at the head or at the back, depending on the brand of refillable whiteboard markers that you have purchased.

Open the whiteboard marker refill ink and squeeze the bottle to release 20 to 30 drops into the whiteboard marker barrel.

Wipe the marker clean if any drips or splatters got on the barrel case. Wipe the tip of the refillable ink bottle applicator to remove any ink residue and replace the cap.

Screw the end of the refillable whiteboard marker back on.

Allow the marker to sit to let the ink penetrate the tip.

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