How to Apply Even Lettering to a Fondant Cake

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Fondant coated cakes have a smoother appearance than those covered with frosting. This smoothness comes from the manner of application of fondant. Unlike frosting which you spread on a cake, fondant is like a sugar clay which you roll into a sheet and drape over a cake and then press out any wrinkles with a smoothing tool. Once you've covered the cake with fondant, you can continue the decorating with fondant or icing accent pieces. Even if you do not have a rock-steady hand, you can still apply even lettering to your fondant cake to spell out your wishes for happy returns of the day to the cake recipient.

Roll out fondant to ΒΌ inch thick.

Lay the stencils on top of the fondant and cut the letters out with a utility knife.

Pull the cut out fondant letters away from the excess fondant.

Measure the length of the cake with the ruler.

Mark out the length of the cake on the parchment paper using the ruler.

Transfer the fondant letters to the parchment paper between the length marks for the cake.

Use the ruler to evenly space the letters on the parchment paper.

Carefully lift the parchment paper with the fondant letters on it, and set it on top of the cake, so the top edge of the parchment sits at the baseline of where you will put the letters.

Move the fondant letters from the parchment paper to the cake, keeping the same spacing they had on the parchment and using the top edge of the parchment to line up the bottom of the letters.

Remove the parchment paper from the cake when finished moving the letters and continue to decorate your cake as desired.

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