How to make a giraffe from diapers

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Diaper cakes are an inventive way to present much needed diapers to parents-to-be as a decorative and formal gift. While they can be created in all kinds of cake shapes, you can also package them creatively to resemble animals such as giraffes. Especially appropriate as a baby shower gift for a Noah's Ark or African safari-themed party, a giraffe made out of diapers and accented by other baby items can also serve as a one-of-a-kind centrepiece.

Lay one diaper on top of another to create the giraffe's body. Roll them together lengthwise (side to side) and secure the diapers with a rubber band on each end. The result is a long roll that is double the thickness of one rolled diaper.

Create a long giraffe neck by laying one diaper on top of another (the sane way you did for the body) and roll them together lengthwise. Secure the diapers with a rubber band on each end and repeat the process to add length to the neck. Secure the sections with rubber bands.

Lay out the body section alongside the neck section so that they are almost end to end, but lay the neck so that it overlaps the body by 2 inches. The two inches where the neck and body overlaps will provide a thicker joint between the two sections. Secure the overlapping sections tightly with a rubber band.

Create a giraffe head on the end of the neck. To do this, bend the diaper roll on the neck section downward about 6 inches from the top end. It will resemble the top of a triangle. Wrap your rubber band around the top of the triangular shape a few times to create a head that points downward.

Slide a baby bootee over the giraffe's head and tuck a plain white baby sock into each side of the bootee so they stick out like ears. Draw or glue little eyes on the bootee.

Curl both ends of a pipe cleaner into a tight spiral and fold it in half. Tuck the folded end into the bootee. Bend and adjust the pipe cleaner to make the little bumps on a giraffe's head.

Roll 10 of your diapers from the waistband down tightly. This will hide the print on the waistband so you can decorate the giraffe in your own colour scheme. Secure each of the rolled diapers with a white rubber-band. These rolls will be used to create legs.

Lay five of your 10 rolled diapers end-to-end, overlapping about an inch and secure them at each meeting point with a rubber band. Repeat this process with the remaining five diapers to make another section for the other two legs.

Lay one of the leg sections over the back end of the body section and secure it by pinching the legs tightly under the body. Secure it with a rubber band. Do the same at the front of the body with your other leg section.

Diaper the giraffe the way you would diaper a baby. This will hide the construction at the back of the giraffe. Tape a baby rattle on the back of the diaper to create a tail.

Slide baby bootees over each of the legs to create the feet.

Hang a bib around the giraffe's neck.

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