How to remove mold from a stroller

toddler with stroller ii image by David Smith from

Baby strollers put away in storage for long periods could have mildewed or developed mould in the fabric. Mold exposure is dangerous as it can give off toxic fumes; it should be eliminated as soon as it is spotted. Some people use bleach to eradicate mould, but white vinegar is a nontoxic, chemical-free way of cleaning a baby stroller.

Pour white vinegar in a spray bottle. Do not dilute vinegar.

Spray the mouldy areas of the baby stroller with the vinegar.

Set the stroller in the sun for one to two hours. This allows the vinegar to work on the mould and to deteriorate in direct sunlight.

Place two or three drops of dish detergent in a bucket of water. Wipe the stroller down with the sudsy water and a sponge. Make sure to remove all signs of mould from the stroller.

Rinse the stroller with clean water and a sponge. Remove all soapy residue.

Wipe the stroller with clean rags or towels, making sure the entire stroller is dried off. Set the stroller in direct sun for two to three hours to make sure it is completely dry.

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