How to Make a Basketball Net

basketball net image by Ana de Sousa from

You've discovered that your new basketball hoop is just not the same without that swish sound the ball makes after you make a game-winning 3-pointer. Making a basketball net sounds tricky, but making a new net actually requires minimal experience with weaving or crafts. With a netting needle and a ball of twine, you can weave the net in a matter of an hour or two. Your homemade net will have round loops instead of the traditional diamond pattern, but it will have a distinctive, DIY charm.

Loop the twine around the netting needle. Load the twine by feeding it through the needle's reel.

Tie off a large loop. The loop should be big enough to shift the needle through it, if necessary.

Clip the end of the twine to a wall or a stationary object.

Pass the twine over your middle three fingers. Shift it behind the large loop and under itself, pulling it tight to form a netter's knot.

Repeat this process with each new loop finished with a netter's knot. Each loop should be formed around the first loop, as if it were the centre, and the net will progressively expand above and around the first loop.

Connect the two ends of the net--once you've got enough material for an 18" basketball rim--by making a netter's knot between each end.

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