How to Convert Voice to Text on an iPhone

Typing on the Apple iPhone can sometimes prove frustrating. With the device's tiny, sensitive touch keyboard, it can sometimes take forever to type long messages, which makes voice dictation an essential feature for any busy iPhone user. Voice dictation allows you to speak directly into your iPhone and have your words instantly converted to text, which you can then use for e-mails, text messages, personal notes and any other text-based features.

Access the App Store from your iPhone by clicking the blue "App Store" icon on the first page of your home screen.

Locate the available dictation apps by clicking the "Search" tab at the bottom of your screen and typing "dictation" into the search bar. Your iPhone will provide you with a list of dictation apps, including free apps such as "Dragon Dictation" and "Vlingo," as well as paid apps like "Voxie Pro Recorder" and "iPro Recorder."

Click on each app to read its description, then decide which one suits you best.

Download your favourite dictation app by clicking the blue price box in the upper right corner of the app description page.

Exit the App Store by clicking the round "home button" beneath your iPhone screen.

Open your new dictation app by tapping its icon. As the most recently downloaded app, it will be at the end of your apps list.

Tap the "Record" button, usually designated by a red circle, to begin your dictation.

Begin speaking. Hold your iPhone a few inches away from your mouth and enunciate as clearly as possible.

Click the "Done" or "Finished" button when you want to stop. Your words will then appear as text on your screen.

Review your dictation and make sure that everything translated to text correctly. If some words need correcting, click on them and type the correct words in their place.

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