How to Connect an HP Printer to a BT Hub

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The BT Home Hub is offered to BT customers as a way to organise and maintain their home Internet and computer connections. One of the little-known advantages of a Home Hub is the ability to use the Hub as a print server. Connecting an HP printer, or any printer, to the Home Hub can create a central printer that can be used by any computer in the network, saving the need for individual printers for each work station.

Check whether your HP printer can be used with a USB connection by looking for a USB connection port on the rear of the printer. Older models of HP printer may not have a USB connection; these models cannot be used directly with the BT Home Hub and need to be connected directly to your computer.

Connect your HP printer to the Home Hub by inserting a USB cable into the USB port on the printer, then connecting to the Home Hub. Connect the printer to a power supply using the appropriate A/C adaptor and turn on the printer.

Open the "Control Panel" from the "Start" menu or by using the desktop icon. Select the "Add New Printer" wizard and double-click to start the process.

Select "Add a local printer" from the options on the wizard. Check the option to automatically detect new printers, then select "Next."

Select "Create New Port" and make sure that the option for Standard TCP/IP port is checked, then click "Next" until you reach the printer name field. Enter "" into the printer name field and click "Next" to complete the port creation.

Select "Custom" from the options, then select "LPR." From here, select "LPR Byte Counting Enabled" and enter the Queue name "LPT1". Click "OK" to save these options, then select "Finish" to complete the printer wizard process.

Select your HP printer from the available printer list, then select whether you would like this to be the default printer and whether it should be shared with other workstations. You will be able to print a test page; once the test is complete your printer is ready for use through the BT Home Hub.

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