How to Replace a Gas Canister for a Barbeque

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Barbecue grills that get their heat source from a propane gas tank are easy to turn on, allowing the grill to get ready quickly for cooking. A new gas grill may come with a full propane tank or one that needs to be filled. The propane gas tanks are attached to the grill with a hose leading from the propane tank to the burner units on the grill. When propane runs out, the grill won't ignite and it's time to replace the gas canister for the barbecue grill.

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Turn off the propane flow on the depleted propane tank. Turn the tank handle all the way to the right until it stops, and it will shut off.

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Unscrew the hose attached to the propane tank, which is the hose that leads to the heat elements of the grill. Remove the old tank from its perch, and set it aside.

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Put the new tank where the old tank was. Most grills have a specifically manufactured area for the tank to sit where the hose can easily reach from the tank to the grill. Remove the plastic lid, called the dust cap, which is usually hanging around the neck of the threaded gas hose receptacle.

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Screw the threaded end of the hose onto the threaded valve opening of the propane gas grill. Gently turn the handle to the left about a half turn. The grill should ignite with normal starting procedures.

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