How Do I Remove Stains From a Plastic Bathtub?

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Bathtubs are constantly in contact with dirt, soaps and body oils, which quickly stain and deteriorate their appearance. Plastic bathtubs are easy to clean and maintain, as the plastic is a non-porous surface that allows you to remove stains and residue in a few easy steps. The key is to act quickly to remove the stain, then implement a regular cleaning routine that will break apart residue as it develops.

Pour equal parts of powdered dish detergent and baking soda into a bowl.

Pour in water slowly, stirring the powdered ingredients until you have formed a thick paste.

Pour plain powdered dish detergent onto the stain, then scrub with a damp nylon scrub brush. This will loosen much of the excess residue.

Rinse the area, then spread a thick layer of the paste onto the stain. Let sit until dry.

Scrub the dried paste away with a nylon scrub brush, then rinse the area. Repeat the stain removal process until the entire stain has been removed.

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