How to Clean Film Off New Windows

New windows often come coated with a plastic film to protect the glass, and removing it can leave streaks and smudges from the glue residue.

You may have tried cleaning these off of the surface of your new windows using a traditional glass cleaner, only to find that it simply smears this residue around, making the problem worse. There is a correct way to remove the protective film from new windows, and it is actually simpler and quicker than you might think.

Peel away each piece of protective plastic film from your windows,carefully,using your fingers.

Combine the water, vinegar, and dish detergent in a large empty spray bottle. Screw on the bottle's spray head and shake the bottle to thoroughly mix the ingredients.

Spray your windows with a generous, even layer of the homemade solution. Slightly crumple a piece of acid-free paper and wipe each window from top to bottom in long, straight lines.

Examine the windows to ensure that all of the residue has been removed and that there is no streaking. Spray the windows a second time and wipe them down if there are any marks remaining.