How to repair a garage floor damaged by concrete spalling

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Concrete, while a durable and versatile flooring material, is prone to surface damage over time. A common occurrence is spalling, or the flaking and pocking of concrete. Frequently varying temperatures that expand and contract the concrete, as well as chemical erosion from de-icing salts, often cause spalling.

If spalling is affecting your garage floor, it's simple to repair it yourself.

Clean the spalled concrete area, first with the broom to remove particulate matter, then with the all-purpose cleaner and scrub broom to ensure the surface is free of all grit and grime.

Measure the affected concrete to get an idea for the area needed to be covered. This measurement ensures that you use appropriate amounts of bonding agent and concrete.

Apply the bonding agent to the spalled area. Some types of bonding agents may need to be diluted, or may even have specific application directions.

Mix the self-levelling floor resurfacer mix in a 22.5 litre (5 gallon) bucket, using a mechanical stirring device such as a power drill with a paddle mixer.

Pour the floor resurfacer over the spalled garage floor. The resurfacer flow into pocks, cracks and flakes, but use the trowel to ensure the surface is smoothed appropriately.