How do I tell what year my car was built?

You can determine the model year of your car from the vehicle identification number (VIN) on your car. Not only does the VIN serve as a theft deterrent by uniquely identifying the car, but it also provides information about location of manufacture, engine size and other features of your particular automobile.

Look through the lower driver-side corner of the windshield from the outside to locate the VIN on the dashboard.

Read off the tenth digit from the left.

Interpret alphabetical digits into the model year as follows. A-1980 B-1981 …

Skip I, O, Q, U and Z since they aren’t used to determine model year, since they look like numbers or like V.

Start counting numbers with year 2001. In other words, Y means 2000, 1 means 2001 and 2 means 2002.

Match up letters with years again starting with 2010. So 9 means 2009, A means 2010 and B means 2011.

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