How to Make a Marble Towel Holder

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Marble towel holders keep tea towels out of the way while in the kitchen, but also having one right at hand. The holders hang on the wall, so grabbing a towel is as simple as pulling up an edge and tugging the towel out. Storing the towel in the holder is just as easy by gently sliding one edge of the towel up into a slot on the side of the holder. These holders are so useful that many woodworkers are now making extras for use around the home.

Cut out two pieces wood, one at least 1/4-inch wide and another at least 3/4-inch thick. Make both pieces 1 1/2 wide by 3 inches tall. These can be any type of wood and in any shape you like for the towel holder. Solid woods are naturally more attractive than plywood or particle board.

Cut a rectangular piece from the thicker wood strip, so it forms an L-shape from the side. The cut-out should start at one end of the strip and end 2/3 the way to the top.

Measure the width of your marble. Mark a groove on the newly cut section of the thicker piece of wood, measuring just a little wider than the marble and only half as deep.

Route out this groove, extending from just under the ledge of the strip to just 1/4 inch from the bottom edge. The marble will rest in this groove when the towel holder is complete.

Slide the marble into the groove.

Glue the thicker strip with wood glue (with the marble in the groove) to the smaller flat strip. Apply the glue to the raised wooden ledge at the bottom of the L-shaped strip. Clamp together for 24 hours to dry.

Test the marble holder to ensure it works. Attach to the wall with double-sided tape or a nail.

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