How do I Replace Isuzu Rodeo Disk Brakes?

The disc brakes on the Isuzu Rodeo consist of three main parts: the brake pads, the brake caliper and the brake rotor. When replacing the disc brakes on the Rodeo, you will replace the brake pads and the brake rotor. It is vital that your brakes work properly to avoid dangerous situations while driving in traffic.

When your brakes wear out, you will hear a chirping sound. The sound comes from the wear-indicator strip on the back of the brake pad.

Loosen the lug nuts on the driver's side tire on the Rodeo with a tire iron, secure the driver's side of the rodeo on a jack stand and remove the wheel from the vehicle.

Take the cover off the master cylinder. The master cylinder on the Rodeo bolts to the driver's side firewall.

Take the bolts out that hold the caliper onto the spindle with a socket. The bolts thread through the back of the spindle into the back of the caliper. With the bolts removed, pull the caliper off the rotor.

Press the caliper piston into the back of the caliper with pliers and then remove the old brake pads. Place the new pads into the caliper.

Pull the hub cover off the wheel rotor with a screwdriver and wipe off the grease located behind the cover the spindle nut with a towel.

Remove the spindle nut with a socket, remove the shims from behind the spindle nut and pull the Rodeo's rotor off the spindle.

Place the new wheel bearing into the back of the new rotor and tap it into place, using the rubber mallet.

Slide the rotor onto the spindle, pack the middle of the rotor with packing grease, slide the front bearing over the spindle and tap it into the rotor, using the rubber mallet.

Place the shims on the spindle and secure the rotor to the spindle with the spindle nut and socket.

Place packing grease over the spindle nut and press the hub cover onto the rotor.

Place the Rodeo's caliper over the rotor and secure the caliper to the spindle, using the bolts, socket and ratchet.

Place the wheel onto the Rodeo and secure it, using the lug nuts and tire iron. Lower the Rodeo to the ground.

Duplicate the process on the other front brake on the Rodeo.

Close the cap on the master cylinder, turn the Rodeo on and press on the brake pedal a few times to seat the brake pads against the rotors.