How to Replace a Price Pfister Tub Shower Diverter

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One of the easiest do-it-yourself plumbing repairs is replacing an old Price Pfister tub spout diverter in a combination tub and shower. When the pull-up spout is in the up position, the tub spout diverter redirects water to the shower head. A broken diverter will leak water from the spout that should be flowing to the shower head. In some cases, the pull-up spout will not stay in the up position, stopping any flow of water to the shower head.

Look under the tub spout diverter for a set screw. Use an Allen wrench to remove the screw, turning counterclockwise. Slide the tub spout diverter off the connection pipe. The second type of tub spout diverter is threaded and screws on to the connection pipe. If there is no set screw on your tub spout, unscrew it counterclockwise by hand and remove it from the connection pipe. Insert a screwdriver into the end of the tub spout and use the screwdriver handle as leverage to loosen a spout that is too tight to turn by hand.

Measure the distance from the threaded end of the connection pipe to the shower wall and make a note of it. Take the old tub spout diverter and the measurement with you to the hardware store to purchase a replacement diverter.

Apply several layers of Teflon tape to the connection pipe by wrapping the tape around the threads. Smooth the end of the tape with your finger to flatten it. Screw the threaded tub spout on to the connection pipe, turning clockwise. Hand tighten the tub spout until the base is flush with the shower wall and level. Use care not to force the spout on the connection pipe to avoid cross threading the pipe.

Push the replacement tub spout on to the connection pipe. Make sure the spout base is flush against the shower wall. Insert the set screw and use an Allen wrench to tighten the screw.

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