How to Repair a Dent in a Refrigerator

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Whether your refrigerator is brand new or an older model, there's nothing worse than a dent right in the middle of the door. Refrigerators are especially prone to dents, since just opening the doors often leads to damage as they bump up against other appliances. Before you either spend a lot of money on a replacement door or resign yourself to living with the dent, try a dent removal secret that's used for cars.

Plug your hair dryer into an outlet and turn it on to its highest heat setting, holding it as close as possible to the dent without letting the dryer actually come into contact with the dent.

Heat the dent with the hair dryer for 60 seconds. Turn off the hair dryer.

Immediately put on heavy gloves and position your air duster upside down with the nozzle aimed directly at the dent.

Continuing to hold the air duster upside down, spray the entire dent and the area surrounding it with liquid carbon dioxide from the air duster.

Wait for the dent to pop out, and then wipe off any remaining liquid carbon dioxide with a clean cloth. Clean the area with a multipurpose cleaner, or if you have a stainless steel refrigerator, use a stainless steel cleaning solution.

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