How to Hang Fabric on the Wall

Hanging fabric on your wall adds texture instantly to your room. The waves, creases and flow of fabric naturally add interest to a room, much as it does in window treatments. A wall with hanging fabric can appear as if it is cloaking a massive, wall-sized window, or merely appear as a hanging, such as a tapestry.

Either way, choose a fabric that complements your room's design aesthetic, and plan to spend an afternoon shopping for supplies and hanging your fabric.

Measure your wall and shop for fabric spanning the height and length of the wall. Consider coverlets and curtains that come already hemmed, and often in very large sizes, to reduce your labour of sewing numerous fabric panels from yards upon yards of fabric.

Purchase a wire or metal ceiling hanging track according to your measurements that comes with the proper wall fixtures (such as screws) to install at the very top of your wall. Retailers like Ikea sell very thin curtain wire complete with clips.

Sew together yards of fabric, or curtain panels, to the desired height and length to match your wall's size. Create a nice finish by sewing a hem. Pin the fabric into a 1/2-inch seam allowance. Sew the hem around the entire perimeter of your fabric wall hanging using the back stitch setting on your sewing machine. If you desire a wider hem, fold the 1/2-inch hem under two inches, pin, and sew a 2-inch hem to complete your hemming. Or, use adhesive no-sew tape to hem your fabric by following the instructions on the package.

Iron your fabric until smooth.

Install the wire or metal ceiling curtain hanging track the entire length of your wall. Use a screw or appropriate tool to install the track's wall mounting fixtures according to its instructions.

Attach the fabric to the hanging track by the track's clips.