How to Make a Toga Out Of a Bed Sheet

How to Make a Toga Out Of a Bed Sheet

A bed sheet for a toga, are you kidding? You can just imagine this shocking question as a lot of people unfamiliar of using a bed sheet to make up a fashionable toga will sense a major bolt from the blue. The truth of the matter is this piece of clothing mostly worn on social functions and college fraternity and sorority's gatherings can now be easily put together in creating a chic and stylish toga. Want to know more about making a toga out of a bed sheet? Here are the steps to be followed:

Grab the corner of the bed sheet and set aside an approximate 15-20 cm. Next, hold the sheet on top your shoulders.

Swathe the bed sheet tightly and securely athwart your torso. After doing so, you need to insert the sheet beneath your other extreme right arm.

Cut down sheet if needed. There will be cases where the bed sheet cum toga will be too lengthy for you. If this happens, what you need to do is to adjust the length by folding up the lengthy part by 15 cm. Do so until you're able to accomplish your desired length.

Drape and cover the toga covering your back. Slip it in your left arm and wrap around your chest.

Now its time for the second corner. Remember in the first step, you've only take one corner. For second part, once you've done all the covering of the chest and back, you need to fasten the ends using safety pins or a brooch.

Remember to fixed everything firmly. As this is just a toga made up from bed sheet, securing the corners and edges properly and in a comfortable position is needed.

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