How to make headphones louder on a pc

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If your headphones are plugged into your PC but you're just not getting enough sound, there are several ways to turn up the volume.

Put on your headphones. Make sure the headset is plugged and, if necessary, turned on. If your headphones have a volume control, adjust it to increase the sound.

Click the "Start" button and "Control Panel" to display its window. Then double-click "Sounds and Audio Devices" to display its dialogue box.

Choose the "Volume" tab and drag the "Device Volume" slider to the right to increase the sound. Make sure that the "Mute" checkbox is blank. If needed, optionally click the "Advanced" button to display the "Play Control" dialogue box. Drag the control sliders to make the sound louder. Make sure that the "Mute" checkboxes of the sounds you need are blank.

Choose the "Audio" tab and click the correct headphone output in the "Sound Playback" drop-down. If you're using the headphone jack, this is typically the name of your sound card. If you're using a USB headphone, this is the name of headphone. Click "Volume" to display a dialogue box for your selection. Drag the control sliders up to increase the sound. Make sure that the "Mute" checkboxes are blank.

Choose the "Voice" tab and repeat the same process for the "Voice Playback."

Click "OK" to close the dialogue box and save your changes.

Test the volume by playing a sound through your favourite media player. Most players also have a volume slider that you can drag to the right or up to increase the headphone sound.

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