How to Unlock a 320GB Western Digital Hard Drive

hard drive interior image by Curtis Sorrentino from

When using an older Microsoft Windows operating system (such as Windows 95 or 98), your hard drive can become locked, preventing you from accessing content or saving content onto it.

If you have upgraded the hard drive on the system to a Western Digital 320GB hard drive and you want to access the content saved, you'll need to unlock the drive through MS DOS. MS DOS is a code-based operating system that runs in the background of the older Windows-based computers.

Click the "Start" button on the desktop, then select "Run." Type in "cmd" and the command prompt MS DOS window will appear on the screen.

Type in "Unlock the (drive name): drive." For example, if you want to unlock the "C:" drive, type in "Unlock the C: drive:"

Press the "Enter" key and the operating system will unlock your Western Digital 320GB drive. Once the computer restarts, you will be able to access the hard drive and begin saving content onto it again.