How to clean a washing machine drain hose

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Washing machines are a true time-saver--most of the time. Sometimes washing machines back up, leaving you with a tubful of dirty water and dirty clothes. The culprit in these cases is a clogged washing machine hose, which carries the dirty water from your wash into your home's sewage system. Don't panic, however, as cleaning out your washing machine drain hose is a fairly simple process.

Unplug the washing machine from the wall. This will help prevent accidental electrocutions while you are working.

Move the washing machine away from the wall far enough for you to be able to work behind it.

Detach the hose from the back of the washer. In most models, you'll unscrew the coupling that holds the washer in place and then remove the hose. Some models have a hose that screws straight into the back of the washer. Don't let the hose fall to the ground after removal, or you'll have a floor soaked with dirty wash water.

Remove the other end of the hose from the drainpipe. It might be clipped or tied into place, so remove that first.

Empty the hose outside or in a sink, removing as much of the water and anything backing it up as you can.

Attach a sprayer to your garden hose if it is not already on there. Aim the sprayer down the mouth of the washer hose and give it a full blast of water. If the hose still isn't draining properly, take a piece of wire or coat hanger and run it through the hose to push anything inside out the other end.

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