How to create an ID badge template

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Creating an ID badge template is a smart and efficient way to save time and money when you run a business or organisation that must utilise ID badges.

The ID badge template, once designed and perfected, can be used thousands of times to produce high-quality name badges that match all the previously designed ones perfectly. In a large organisation, each department can have its own ID badge template copy to allow it to make matching ID badges each and every time it needs one quickly.

Determine the final size that the ID badge template must be. If your organisation has plastic ID badge protective sleeves, measure the sleeve and reduce the measurement by 1/8 of an inch to allow for easy sliding.

Open up document processing software, such as Microsoft Word or Microsoft Works, or download and open the free word processing software from if your computer lacks word processing software.

Use a rectangle drawing tool to create a rectangle that is the exactly the size of the ID badge measurement.

Adjust the margins on the vertical and horizontal rulers in your word processing software to match the measurements for the ID badge template. If you desire, you can also change the page size if your printer is capable of printing paper in the exact size of the badge; otherwise you may need to trim the paper to the exact measurements.

Add the company logo, motto, vision and other pertinent information that will be standard and required on all ID badge templates.

Insert a text box for the person's name on the ID badge template. Type "Employee Name" or "First and Last Name" to make the ID badge template user friendly.

Add a text box for the person's job title or position under the "Employee Name" box. Type "Job Title" or "Job Position and Department #," clearly describing what the end user of the template will need to type.

Insert a clipart picture of a smiley face or cartoon face in the exact spot that the ID badge will have the person's picture. This will allow the end user to click on the image and easily change the picture, keeping it in the exact position and at the size of the original allotted space.

Save the ID badge template by selecting "File, "Save As," and selecting the appropriate name, like ID_Badge_Template.

Save a backup copy of the ID badge template by selecting "File, "Save As," and typing an appropriate name, like ID_Badge_Template_Backup.

Print a copy of the ID badge template for safe keeping in case the computer files gets lost, misplaced or erased. On the printout, it might be helpful to write down the measurements of the badge and the names of the files for the logo and images so reconstruction---if ever necessary---will be quick and easy.