How Do You Keep Socks from Sliding Down into the Shoe?

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When you're trying to keep warm or simply protect your feet from harm, it's important to have some good socks. But it's especially annoying when they continue to slide down into your shoe, making it uncomfortable and revealing your bare heels to the cold. There are some solutions, whether you are using running socks for athletic purposes or thick socks to line your winter boots.

Purchase some running socks that have cuffs around the ankles. The low-cut ankle sock is popular for athletes, as they protect your feet but don't overheat them. If you're having problems with the socks falling down, look for socks that have a thick cuff, a feature meant to prevent the socks from sliding.

Use athletic socks that have a flexible arch band, such as DryMax sport socks or Sole performance socks. The arch band is vented and helps keep the sock in place. These socks also have a smooth top that prevents the sock from sliding down easily.

Try folding down your sock, especially if you are wearing thick socks with boots. If the socks are too big, or even if your boots are too big, socks will easily fall down. One way to prevent this is to fold the sock down over the boot.

Tighten up the sock by tying something around your ankle, such as a sock garter. A variety of sock garters are available, some of which are just a button that keeps the sock in place.

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