How to Set the Ignition Points on a Stihl 032 AV

The ignition on a Stihl 032 AV chainsaw contains a module, a coil, a high-voltage lead wire and a ground wire. This system connects with the flywheel, so that when the magnets on the flywheel have generated enough magnetic energy, they will trip the coil to fire the spark.

This spark travels up to the plug for combustion. The ignition points on the chainsaw refer to the distance between the flywheel's magnets and the ignition module, which need to be set to a specific distance.

Lift off the lead wire from the spark plug inside the spark plug terminal. Pull the rubber boot up to disconnect it from the plug. Unscrew the spark plug using the scrench tool and remove it from the cylinder.

Unscrew the fan housing cover on the starter side of the chainsaw's engine. Pull the cover off the engine to access the flywheel and the ignition module.

Loosen the two mounting screws holding the ignition module---just to the right of the flywheel---to the engine with the screwdriver. Loosen the screws until they are halfway tight and the ignition module can move back and forth slightly. Rotate the flywheel around until the magnets are in line with the arms on the ignition module.

Push the setting gauge into the space between the arms of the module and the flywheel's magnets. Push the ignition module up against the setting gauge and tighten down the module's two mounting screws with the screwdriver.

Lift away the setting gauge and let go of the module. Insert the feeler gauge into the same space to check that the ignition is correctly set. Ignition air gap distance should be .25 to .30mm when properly set. Refit the fan housing cover over the module and replace the spark plug.