How to Hook Up a Pip on a Samsung Ln52a850s1f TV

The LN52A850S1F is a 52 inch high definition LCD from Samsung. With its 1920x1080 resolution 16:9 display, the TV is capable of showcasing Full HD 1080p content. The set can also be configured to display two separate video sources at once with its picture-in-picture, or PIP, function. To view PIP, you must first configure it in the settings menu.

Press the "Menu" button on the remote to open the on-screen menu.

Scroll to "Setup" and press "Enter" to open the set-up menu.

Select "PIP" and press "Enter."

Select the "PIP" option and set it to "On" to enable picture-in-picture. Select the source for your main picture, which can be any of the TV's video inputs. The sub picture will be your TV source.

Select whether the sub picture is cable or over-the-air and select the channel that you wish to display in the sub picture window.

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