Directions for braided fleece dog toy

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Braided fleece dog toys can occupy your dog's time while satisfying his urge to chew. Chewing on a braided dog toy helps keep your dog's teeth clean and it can keep him from chewing on your personal possessions. The fleece dog toys sold in pet stores can be a bit pricey, especially when your dog goes through them quickly. Fortunately, you can make your braided chew toy for less and you don't even need to be craft savvy.

Cut fleece into strips that are as long and as wide as you want. Small dogs will need thinner strips. Strips that are about 3 inches wide work well for small dogs. Larger dogs do well with strips that are about 5 inches in width. The strips should start off long, at least 18 inches. You can cut down the length later if you want a smaller toy. You can use fleece from a fabric store or fleece from old sweat pants to save money.

Lay the three strips of fleece that you cut one on top of the other in a pile. Wrap a rubber band tightly around the fabric a few inches below the ends of the fabric to keep it in place. You want enough room to tie a knot when you are done braiding the toy.

Grasp the top of the three strips where the rubber band joins the ends between your knees and braid the three strips together. The braid should be tight, so it is durable. The braid length will determine the size of your braided dog toy. The more braiding the longer the toy. The entire length of the toy will include the braid, two end knots and some end fringe.

Stop braiding at your desired length and tightly wrap a rubber band at the bottom of the braid.

Tie each end of the braid into a tight knot.

Take the rubber bands off each end of the braid and tighten the knot on each end by sliding it down farther toward the braid. Trim the ends of the fleece so you have a few inches of fringe after each knot.

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