How to Replace the Throttle Position Sensor in a Honda CR-V

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When replacing a throttle position sensor on a Honda CR-V, you must adjust the sensor for the proper voltage. The throttle position sensor is a potentiometer. It works much like a dimming switch on house lights. At closed throttle, the position sensor has 12 volts going into the sensor and only .5 volts going back to the computer. As the throttle opens, the voltage to the computer rises to a maximum of around 5 volts. The computer uses the varying voltage to regulate the fuel injector duty cycle. The throttle position sensor is on the throttle body opposite the throttle linkage.

Remove the air cleaner, using a 10mm socket and ratchet. Disconnect the electrical connector on the throttle position sensor. The sensor is on the same shaft on which the throttle linkage is hooked up, but on the opposite side.

Remove the two small bolts securing the throttle position sensor to the throttle body, using the appropriate-size socket. Lift the sensor away from the throttle body.

Look at the tab on the throttle body where the sensor gets positioned. Open the throttle slightly with one hand, and watch the way the tab turns. Look at the tab on the back of the sensor. With a finger, push the little tab to see which way it rotates. When the sensor is installed, the tab on the sensor must go above the tab on the throttle body so that when the throttle is opened, the tab on the throttle body moves the tab on the sensor. If the sensor is installed with the sensor's tab under the tab on the throttle body, the sensor tab will not be moved when the throttle body tab moves. Install the throttle position sensor, paying particular attention to the tabs.

Install the two bolts in the throttle position sensor, but leave them loose so that the throttle position sensor can be adjusted. Connect the electrical connector.

Connect the voltmeter, with the red lead connected to the left wire on the two-wire electrical connector. Connect the black lead to any good ground. Turn the ignition switch on, but keep the engine off. Observe the voltmeter. Rotate the sensor until it produces a reading of .5 volts on the voltmeter. Tighten the two bolts with the ΒΌ-inch socket to hold it in place. Replace the air cleaner.

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