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How to find bugging devices in your house or car

Updated March 23, 2017

It's an eerie prospect to think that our house or car may be bugged by a private detective, a stalker or maybe even our own government. And with the advent of smaller bugging devices available, it's not out of the question that you could be bugged and not even know it. But you can usually tell if you have a bugging device based on how other electronic devices behave in your home or car. You also have successful options in getting the bugging devices found and removed.

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  1. Listen carefully to your cell phone or other electronic items that use a receiver. If you start getting strange buzzing or other reception problems when using them in your car or home, the area where you use them may have a hidden bugging device.

  2. Check under furniture or other nooks and crannies in your home or car near the area where you're getting the reception problems. You might be able to scope out tiny bugging devices merely using this method.

  3. Purchase a professional bug detector (see Resources 1 and 2) that gives you a more thorough search of your home or car. These use scanners to scope out all bugging devices, including hidden cameras, telephone transmitters and GPS tracking devices.

  4. Hire a professional business specialising in bug device inspection (see Resource 3). These businesses have employees trained in finding the minutest bugging device.

  5. Call the FBI and have them intervene if you think your bugging is a serious issue of national or international importance. Those who work with top secret government information may apply in this situation.

  6. Tip

    Look out your window and see if you see unusual trucks or vans parked near your home on a regular basis. Usually, someone monitoring you will park a truck or van near one of your windows. Keep an eye on any strange salesman or even professional repairmen who enter your house. They could be spies or just nefarious individuals who want to bug your home and obtain personal information from you. Stay calm if you suspect your house or car is bugged. It's best to avoid talking about private matters if you think a bug is in your house or car. Go to another location to discuss those matters and contact the professionals you need to scope out these insidious devices.

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Things You'll Need

  • Professional bug scanner
  • Bug inspector business
  • FBI

About the Author

Greg Brian is a freelance writer who took his diverse writing skills to the Internet in 2007. He currently writes for various prestigious websites. He earned an Associate of Arts degree in business management from Trend Business College in 1993.

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