How to Make Paper Beads With a Ranger Melting Pot

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A Ranger melting pot is a small pot that heats and melts enamel. Wax, glue and candy can all be made with this melt-and-pour pot. Paper beads can also be made with a Ranger melting pot. Rolled paper is dipped into melted enamel to form a bead.

Turn the thermostat on your Ranger melting pot up to 350 degrees F.

Preheat the empty pot for five to 10 minutes with the cover on.

Remove the top of the pot and pour clear, ultra-thick embossing enamel up to the "Max" line.

Replace the pot's top and wait for the embossing enamel to melt.

Cut your scrapbooking paper into a triangle that is 10.5 inches along two edges and 1.5 inches along the third edge.

Place the dowel on the 1.5-inch end of the triangular piece of paper.

Start to roll the paper around the dowel, forming your bead.

After rolling it a couple of inches around the dowel, apply some paper glue on the paper and continue to roll. Repeat this every couple of inches. Apply glue to the very end of the paper so that it sticks.

Run one end of the dowel over the pad of embossing ink.

Slide the bead up toward the same end you just coated with embossing ink until there's only a little bit of dowel sticking up from where the bead is.

Take the top off the pot and roll the bead, still on the stick, in the enamel. Roll it on the side of the pot to get rid of any air bubbles.

Let the enamel dry for one minute, then slide the bead off of the dowel.

Cut off any excess enamel that comes off with the bead.

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