How to Design Your Own Rubber Duckie

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Rubber duckies are a cute and inexpensive way to make sure people remember you. You can add some extra flair to your rubber duckies by having them custom made. Online toy design companies allow you to design your rubber duckies in any colour you want. You can also add clothes, hair or company logos. Designing your own rubber duckies allows you be creative while giving people a little something extra to remember you by.

Choose a design. If you are going to use your duckie as a promotional item for business, you may want different coloured ducks with your company logo on them. If you want something for a party favour or as a special bath time playmate, you can make a celebrity duckie or turn that special someone into a rubber duckie.

Find a custom rubber duckie design company online (see references). These companies specialise in the design and manufacturing of rubber duckies. You can either design your duckie from the colours and accessories that they have available or you can create your own design.

Submit your design. Be prepared to provide the company designing your rubber duckie with any pictures of your logo or the person you want made into a rubber duckie, along with the colour, size and the number of ducks you need. Follow the company's instructions for how to submit your design.

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Follow the checkout instructions provided by your duck designer to arrange for payment and shipment of your rubber duckies.

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