How to Resize Pictures to Fit Into Lockets

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A locket is personal piece of jewellery that is worn from a delicate chain necklace with a metal heart hanging from it. The heart is usually has a clasp that you can open up to see a dear memento framed inside. Some people treasure dried flowers or even ornaments of hair from a deceased loved one. Since pictures are worth a thousand words, having pictures that will fit in our locket is important. Resizing pictures will help preserve memories contained in your locket for years to come.

Trace the size of your locket onto tracing paper. Measure out the proportions, like 1.5cm in height and 2cm in width. Document the shape of your locket as well, like if it is oval-shaped or heart-shaped. This information will help you replicate the dimension of your picture in proportion to your locket.

Save digital copies of your photograph. It would be wise not to use or cut the only remaining original picture you have. Instead, many photo developing stores offer digital albums when you have pictures printed. Take your picture there or scan the image right on your own computer. Save this digital copy and store this picture onto a memory device.

Edit your picture. Use your own computer or go to a printing centre that does alterations on photographs. You may need to use your memory device to load your picture into the computer. Re-size your picture to fit the proportions of your locket, usually minimising it to 1 in x 1 in., or by typing in the locket measurements. Sharpen your picture as best as you can.

Crop your picture. This will better compose your picture to suit the shape of your locket. You may want to erase most of the background and just leaving a person's face in frame. After that, leave a little bit---about 1cm extra---around the picture to give you enough room to personalise the shape of it even more, after printing.

Print the picture out on quality photo paper and cut to fit the locket. Print off an extra copy if you want a backup. Cut out the pictures by using your best judgment, carefully trimming off the edges of the picture to fit the shape of your locket. Have the locket with you and keep comparing the sizes until they are completely symmetrical.

Test the picture by barely placing it inside the locket. You will be able to see how much you'll need to modify the size from there. If your picture fits and the composition is everything you were hoping to achieve, then keep it in the locket. Some pictures will still be too large to fit in. Go back and use your scissors to adjust the size. You may even want to go back to re-editing the picture for further alterations.

Shave off a hair's width all the way around it---if all you want to do is make the picture smaller. Make sure to do this carefully and gently with sharp scissors. Round off any uneven corners and be sure there are no jagged protrusions sticking out, which will make the picture hard to fit into the locket. Test it again until you get the size you want.

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