How to Plan a Charity Dog Walk

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Charity dog walks are used to raise money for many things, but if animals are involved, the money raised usually goes to animal shelters or sanctuaries.

Because dogs are involved, you must create some safety rules, such as no aggressive dogs and no dogs in heat because they could cause problems and liability issues for the organiser of the charity walk. Instead of just writing a check, people feel more involved when they get out and actually do something along with writing a check.

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Plan the route. Choose a safe place to walk--in a park or a part of the city or town with sidewalks and little traffic on the day of the walk.

Recruit volunteers to help set up the charity walk and to run the watering stations for the dogs. You will need people to collect entrance fees and to monitor the walk route to be sure that each walker and his pet is safe throughout the walk. Volunteers will also be needed to help run raffles and other contests you set up. Some contests might include best dog kiss or best trick.

Contact companies to obtain sponsors. The companies might donate cash or items for a raffle, or even dog food.

Set the entrance fee and recruit walkers. Place ads in the local newspaper or contact a staff writer to have her write an article about the event for the newspaper. Be sure to include the date, time and location of the charity walk. Pass out flyers to recruit the walkers. The entrance fee could be a set amount or it could be left open for whatever the walker can afford to donate.

Collect the money from the entrance fees and give it to the charity you are representing. Contact the local newspaper to have a staff writer write an article, including how much was collected, who the sponsors were and what the sponsors donated.