How to mix paint to get a peach colour

Paul/F1online/Getty Images

Mixing paints to get certain colours can be tricky, especially since the final product ends up looking too dark, too light or too muddy to use. When mixing paints to get a peach colour, take care with how much colour you mix. Even the slightest overdose of any component can ruin the colour and force you to start again. Remain focused as you mix the paint so that you can achieve the exact shade you are looking for.

Add a dollop of white paint to a painting palette. Use about as much paint as you'll need in total. Don't make too little, because it is nearly impossible to create the exact same shade twice.

Use a paintbrush to add a tiny amount of red paint to the white paint and mix it around with the brush. The end result should be a very light pink. If the pink is bright or even close to looking like a light red, add more white until the correct shade is obtained.

Clean the brush thoroughly with warm water and a paper towel. There should be absolutely no trace of red on the paper towel when you have finished. Even the slightest bit of leftover paint can change the entire shade.

Add the same minuscule amount of yellow paint and mix with the brush. A little bit goes a long way, so make sure you only add a little at a time. The addition of the yellow paint should create a fresh, bright peach colour.

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