How do you change the license plate light bulb in your Ford Focus?


The Ford Focus, like most other modern vehicles, is equipped with a number plate light. This light is designed to illuminate your number plate when it's dark outside, allowing other drivers to read it. Like most other vehicles, only the rear of the Focus has a number plate light.

The process is the same for all Focus models; however, the first-generation (2000 to 2007) uses a different bulb type than the second-generation (2008 to 2010).

Turn the headlight switch and engine off (the headlight switch activates the number plate light). Set the parking brake for safety.

Remove the two Phillips screws from the number plate bulb lens (directly above the number plate). Pull the plastic lens cover away.

Pull the burnt-out bulb straight out of the socket. Discard the old bulb.

Insert the replacement bulb straight into the socket (do not twist). Wear gloves when handling the replacement bulb to prevent oil or dirt getting on it.

Reposition the plastic lens. Tighten the two Phillips-head screws to finish.