How to get rid of diesel odour

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Diesel fuel produces a strong smelling, somewhat sweet odour, and it can be overpowering to people who are exposed to the smell for prolonged periods. Removing this chemical odour from your home and clothes is simple and inexpensive with a few household supplies.

Remove diesel smell from clothes

Separate your washing as usual. Put the first load in the washing machine.

Pour a little soft drink, such as cola, into the washing machine on top of your washing powder. If it is a small load, only use about a quarter of a can; if it is a medium load, use half a can; if it is a full load, use the whole can.

Wash and dry the clothes as usual.

Remove diesel from carpets

Find all diesel spots on carpet, or smell your carpet where the diesel may have spilt.

Pour a small amount of cola on the offending areas of your carpet. Allow the liquid to sit for no more than three minutes. Perform a patch test to see what your carpet can endure. Dark soft drinks are usually very acidic, so ignore the stain that the liquid may have made on your light carpet, and pay attention to the fibres. If they show no damage you can leave it for one minute, then increase to two minutes if there's still no damage, then three.

Pour a few drops of water on the cola to neutralise the acid. Blot this up with paper towels.

Spray the carpet cleaner, stain remover or degreaser on to the spot where you poured the cola.

Allow this to sit for five minutes and scrub with the scrubbing brush. Blot the cleaner up with paper towels.

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