How to Change a Halogen Flood Light

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Halogen flood lights last longer than traditional bulbs. They are constructed with halogen gas that operates unlike traditional lights, which burn out when enough tungsten has evaporated from the filament that electricity cannot be conducted across it (Reference 1). The halogen gas carries the evaporated tungsten back to the filament so that the bulb lasts longer. Even though they last longer, halogen flood lights do eventually burn out and need to be changed.

Turn off the power to the halogen flood light. Locate the fuse or circuit breaker controlling the flood light and turn it off. Allow the halogen bulb to cool before attempting to remove it.

Position a ladder beneath the halogen flood light so that you can reach it. Climb to the light.

Remove any screws connecting the covering to the halogen flood light. Place the screws inside a pocket to prevent losing them.

Grasp the halogen flood light firmly. Pull up one of the metal springs if the bulb is in a spring-loaded socket. Gently pull the halogen bulb from the spring-loaded socket. Turn the halogen bulb counterclockwise if it's in a traditional socket.

Position the replacement bulb in the light socket. Lift up the metal springs and place the bulb within the spring-loaded socket. Screw the replacement halogen bulb in clockwise in a traditional socket.

Replace the covering. Reposition it over the bulb. Replace the screws.

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