How to Knit a Mary Jane Hat With Straight Needles

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A Mary Jane hat is a loose, slouchy hat something like an oversized beret. The name of this style comes from a hat worn by the character Mary Jane in the Spiderman film, and is a flattering and easy-to-wear style that suits many hairstyles and face shapes. While many Mary Jane hats are knit in the round, you can knit yours on straight needles and seam it after the knitting is completed if you aren't comfortable knitting in the round.

Cast on 76 stitches to a size 6 knitting needle. Knit 8 rows in a knit 1, purl 1 ribbing.

Switch to the larger knitting needle in your right hand to work the next row onto the other set of needles. Increase on row 9 by working a knit one, and make one pattern across the row for a total of 114 stitches on your size 10 knitting needles.

Knit 1, then work in a yarn over, purl 2 together pattern until one stitch remains, knit one. Work in this pattern on both right and wrong side rows until your Mary Jane hat measures approximately 11 inches from the cast on row.

Knit two together across the row on the next three rows until 15 stitches remain to gather the top of your slouchy beret.

Break the yarn, leaving around a 24 inch tail. Thread the end of the yarn through the eye of a yarn needle, then pass it through the live stitches on your needle. Gather the stitches snugly on the yarn. Mattress stitch the seam down the back of the slouchy hat. Weave in the end used for sewing, as well as any remaining yarn ends.

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