How to Fix Gaps in Vinyl Flooring

If you see gaps between the tiles on your vinyl floor, the tiles were either installed incorrectly or the edges of the tiles have begun to curl up. It is important to fill in these gaps to prevent water and other materials from getting in the gap and underneath the tiles.

For severe damage, the only course of action is to install new tiles. Most gaps in vinyl floors can easily be repaired by filling them in with a seam sealer.

Heat the tiles next to the gaps (or seams) with a hair dryer. The heat softens the vinyl tiles and makes them easier to peel up.

Brush away any debris in the gap or under the tiles with a soft brush. Vacuum to remove any tiny particles. Scrape away any floor adhesive (or glue) near the gap and under the tiles with a putty knife. Vacuum the area again to make sure the area is completely clean and flat.

Work some floor adhesive under the edges of the tiles with a putty knife. Press the tiles back into place. Remove any excess adhesive that squeezes up in the gap with a wet rag.

Place a piece of waxed paper on top of the gap. Place some heavy books on top of the waxed paper to apply weight on the area, and secure the tiles overnight.

Remove the books and waxed paper. Apply a liquid seam sealer in the gap.

Wipe up any excess sealant that gets on the tile with a wet rag. Allow the seam sealer to dry and set overnight.