How do I check my text messages if my phone is broken?

Text messaging is the way many people communicate. It seems easier to send a text message because it gets delivered instantly and the recipient can respond almost simultaneously. It can be a distressing experience when your phone is broken and you have no way of checking the text messages that are being delivered. There is a way to check your text messages if your phone is broken, however. The process may require your time, but getting your messages from your friends, family, and colleagues will be the reward.

Remove your SIM card from the back of your cell phone. The SIM card holds the phone’s information, such as phone numbers, photos and any saved messages.

Contact your cell phone’s provider. Your cell phone provider can use you SIM card to access certain information. Cell phone providers keep text messages for a short period of time. states that AT&T keeps sent text messages for 48 hours, while Sprint keeps text messages for two weeks. Your cell phone provider can use your SIM card to access your recent text messages. However, you may need a court order to get access to your text messages.

Log on to your cell phone provider’s text-messaging website to access text messages. For example, Verizon Wireless states that users who log on to their text messaging website to send and receive text messages can view or print content and replies for 120 hours after the original message has been sent.

Place your SIM card in another phone and read your recent messages. Your SIM card is connected to your cell phone number so when you place the card in another phone you can access your text messages. You can use a friend’s or family member’s phone to access your messages until you get a new phone. Make sure that the other phone is compatible with your carrier. For example, if you had an AT&T phone you have to use an AT&T phone to access your messages.

Purchase a device that connects to your SIM card and computer, and recovers text messages. There are several devices available, such as Cell Phone Spy, SIMCon, and Pro Data Doctor. These products can be purchased online. Before purchasing any of these devices, make sure that it is compatible with your device and carrier.

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